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DanDy: Data Quality in Dynamic Networks

Large-scale distributed systems with dynamic membership such as sensor networks and peer-to-peer systems have received much current attention. In such networks, knowing all the participating nodes is prohibited due to their scale and dynamicity. Instead, each participating node knows about (i.e. connects with) a small number of other nodes, thus creating an overlay network on top of the physical one. While much current research focuses on achieving Quality of Service (QoS) metrics such as response time and throughput, Quality of Data (QoD) guarantees, although central, have received less attention. Instances of QoD include data freshness in case of updates as well as accuracy and completeness in case of data retrieval. The goal of the DanDy (Data Quality in Dynamic Networks) project is to define unified metrics for characterizing the Quality of Data and derive ways for creating overlays and procedures that improve these quality guarantees.

The project will investigate the application of the research results in a car-to-car network which is an instance of a dynamic network. The company involved specializes in such software. In particular, QoD will be investigated for the propagation of safety-related information (such as information about the current road condition) among vehicles.

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